Information retrieval


Data is the gold of the 21st Century. We are everyday creating quintillion bytes of data. Information is the processed and refined form of data which carries a logical meaning. Whether we search on search engines, search for a product on e-commerce websites , any other search for articles, products, peoples etc, IR( Information retrieval) is everywhere and has become an integral part of our daily lives.

Understanding Information retrieval

Information retrieval, in the field of computer science is defined as, the process of obtaining relevant documents that satisfy the information needs from a large collection of documents. …

Sample Output


With stricter privacy features of WhatsApp, most people have already hidden last seen. It seems impossible to get certain information like when a user was last online, know his sleep patterns, what all time he had been online in the past and predict who he might be talking to from a known list of suspects . The below simple hack helps to achieve all of this very easily without the person being stalked knowing it ( All you need is a laptop with internet connection). Let’s begin with the hack.

The Trick

This can be used to track online status of contacts(…

Airflow is an open source solution to run batch jobs. It comes with a nice UI and lots of useful operators that can be readily used. I have used Airflow for scheduling backend pipelines, running alert scripts and updating Databases. I would like to share some lesser known but powerful tricks that I learnt in Airflow.

  1. Conditionally Run a Task : How do you skip tasks based on runtime conditions. Eg : Trigger an email task only when previous task generated valid output.
  2. Using XCOM for communication across Dags: XCOM is used traditionally to communicate only between tasks of a…

Suryakant Pandey

SDE II @Flipkart | IIT Delhi CS Graduate

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